Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A conversation with Hans Sluga, professor of philosophy at UC-Berkeley,
about his new book Politics in Search of the Common Good,
and the philosophers who have shaped his thinking.


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Hans Sluga is the William and Trudy Ausfahl Professor of Philosophy at UC-Berkeley, where he has taught since 1970.

In addition to numerous essays, Professor Sluga has published various important books including "Gottlob Frege" (Routledge, 1980, later reprinted and translated into Chinese and Greek), "Heidegger's Crisis: Philosophy and Politics in Nazi Germany" (Harvard University Press, 1993), "The Philosophy of Frege" (4 volumes as editor, Garland Press, 1993), "The Cambridge Companion to Wittgenstein" (as co-editor along with David Stern, Cambridge University Press, 1996, the second edition of which is in preparation), "Wittgenstein" (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011), and "Politics as Search for the Common Good" (Cambridge, 2014). He has taught at various universities both in Europe and in the United States and has been the recipient of several distinguished fellowships.